Safe Harbor Financial Advisors founder George Reilly was a career Navy Judge Advocate officer. During his more than 22 years of service he spent several years assigned to a ship or a sea-going staff. He learned a valuable lesson during those assignments that influenced the naming of the Safe Harbor service programs. 

On a submarine tender with more than 1300 crewmembers or an aircraft carrier with nearly 5000 Sailors and Marines on board, it made a real difference when you pulled into a port whether the ship was able to tie up to a pier or had to anchor out in the harbor. If you were Pierside, you had far greater convenience and access to go ashore. If you were anchored in the harbor you had to wait for a ferry or small boat to take you ashore – and back to the ship later on. As you might imagine, getting thousands of Sailors and Marines off and on a ship in the harbor could take a lot of time and be impacted by weather, sea state and other factors. It was always a real bonus to be able to tie up to a pier.


Anchorage & Pierside Service | Safe Harbor Financial Advisors

Anchorage Service Level

The Safe Harbor Anchorage Service level is our traditional hourly/project fee service for clients who only want our professional advice and assistance with certain financial issues and don’t feel they need an ongoing relationship with Safe Harbor. There may be some delays in getting services and you will not have regular access to a financial advisor in this program. But we do encourage our Anchorage clients to return as often as they like for future services, but we just cannot guarantee availability when they may need services from us. Click HERE for more information.


Anchorage & Pierside Service | Safe Harbor Financial Advisors

Pierside Service Level

As mentioned above, in the Navy and boating in general, moving from an anchorage to tying up to a pier provides greater convenience, access, and protection. The Pierside program offers select clients a more comprehensive service level that provides our clients with an annual service calendar that covers most aspects of their financial lives. We work with pre-retirees (about 5 years or so out from planned retirement) and those in retirement already on a comprehensive plan that addresses the particular needs of clients in this significant life transition period.  Just as Sailors and Marines get a greater benefit from a pierside location, the Safe Harbor Pierside Service Level offers our clients greater convenience and access to financial services on an affordable annual subscription/retainer basis. Click HERE for more information.