The Safe Harbor Pierside Service Program is a comprehensive financial service program for which clients are charged an annual retainer fee paid on a quarterly basis. The Pierside Service Program provides an option for those clients who want financial advice and assistance in a structured approach with a holistic, tax-focused, and comprehensive annual service program. Pierside is intended for pre-retirees (within approximately 5 years of planned retirement) and for those clients already in retirement.

Holistic financial planning is a process, not an event. It focuses on your goals, integrates all areas of your financial life, recognizes how your beliefs and attitudes impact the financial decisions you make, and makes adjustments as your circumstances change.

Our integrated approach makes sure that you have what you need and that your money is working for you as efficiently as possible. We work with your current professionals or, in some cases, in place of your former provider, to make sure that your financial journey in retirement leads you successfully to your goals.

The “one-stop-shop” for financial services and our role as your Retirement Success Advocate distinguishes Safe Harbor from your other financial service choices.

Pierside Program Details

“Starter Plans” for Prospective Pierside Clients/

Standalone Topic-Specific Plans

The Pierside Service Program may not be what you need right now, or you may want to “test the waters” before committing to an ongoing service program. If this describes you, our Pierside Projects discussed below may be the right fit for your needs and give you a better understanding of the services we provide Pierside clients.

Investment Portfolio Review and Analysis [$1500]

Thorough analysis of your current investment accounts with a look towards future improvements and opportunities

  • Assess risk tolerance, financial goals, and timelines
  • Determine a suitable target asset allocation
  • Assess portfolio diversification
  • Estimate fees and expenses
  • Mutual funds vs. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Discussion of “charting a course” to align your current asset allocation to your target goal
  • Investing beyond retirement accounts
  • Tax implications of changes in a non-retirement investment account
  • Discussion of addressing/mitigating volatility so you can worry less about market fluctuations
  • Making your cash work harder for you
  • Best practices for streamlining/"remodeling" old employer retirement accounts

 Retirement Income Capital Analysis (“Can I Really Retire?”) Project [$1750]

Detailed analysis and recommendations for new retirees and those within 1-3 years of retiring

  • Estimate retirement income sources, amounts, and timing
  • Assess how much guaranteed income will be in your retirement plan
  • Cash flow review of retirement income and expenses
  • Which pension option is best for us?
  • Review of your options for taking Social Security
  • Assess what you should do with your 401(k)/403(b)/TSP, etc.?
  • Discussion of the importance of an income withdrawal strategy planning--how much can I/we take out and not run out of money? [Thriving in Retirement Income Planning (TRIP Planning) in the Pierside Program]
  • Factoring in tax-efficiency in your withdrawal strategy
  • Try to answer the critical questions: Can we afford the retirement we want? When can we retire?

 Retirement Readiness Package [$3000.00]

Discounted combination of Retirement Income Capital Analysis and Portfolio Review and Recommendations