The Safe Harbor Difference

We offer clients two distinctive service programs for their particular needs.

Periodic, as-needed financial planning and advising for clients who prefer a one-time comprehensive plan or answers to particular questions.

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Comprehensive “one-stop-shop” for financial services for qualifying clients who would benefit from a more structured ongoing service program.

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Hourly/Project Fee Services

Fee schedule with fees dependent on project type, scope, and complexity.

Specific client engagements end upon project completion which can include a “check-in” meeting to see how things are going.

Additional engagements or follow-on projects are scheduled on an “as available” basis

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Pierside Ongoing Service Program

Our unique retainer/subscription service plan for pre-retirees and retired clients.

A "One-Stop Shop" for financial services with a tax focus.

Annual service schedule including tax return preparation and discounts on estate planning work.

"Concierge" type financial services that goes beyond typical financial planning.

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What Is A Retirement Success Advocate—And Why You Need One

Financial planning and management IN retirement is very different than planning FOR retirement.

Simply put—what got you TO retirement won’t necessarily get you THROUGH retirement. You need a specialized guide to help you on this journey. Learn more about the role of a Retirement Success Advocate in our free information paper.


Federal Employees and Retirees – Don’t Let Bad Information Cause You to Throw Away Thousands of Dollars of Thrift Savings Plan Money Per Year!

Many Federal employees approaching or in retirement get “advice” about what to do with their TSP accounts. But does that advice come with a significant cost and is it in their best interest?

Our Free TSP options information paper discusses 5 commonly held opinions about TSP and retirement. You may find the answers very surprising.


“How (NOT) to Fail at Retirement: 7 Essentials of Retirement Success”

Download our FREE Information Paper to learn about some of the pitfalls of retirement planning (or lack thereof) and some critical things you can do to help yourself succeed in retirement.