Is the Safe Harbor Pierside Program Right For You?

George Reilly |

The Pierside Program is, by design, not intended to be the right financial planning program for everyone. To provide the best possible client service we limit the number of clients in the Program and have certain qualifying criteria for enrollment. You can see if the Program might be a good fit for your financial needs and goals by reviewing the following summary of who are our ideal clients for Pierside enrollment. [More information on the Pierside Program is at]

  1. You are thinking about retiring/transition within about 5 years from now or have already transitioned into retirement.


  1. You are looking for guidance on an ongoing basis about your financial life in retirement. In other words, you are not looking for a one-time financial plan or are most concerned about a review of your current investment portfolio.


  1. You understand that your personal financial situation in the transition to retirement or in retirement is or will be very different from the planning that got you to this point. Or, as we like to say, you understand that what got you to retirement may not get you through retirement.


  1. You also understand that income taxes and tax planning will be a critical part of the financial planning in retirement. Note that if you are comfortable working with your current tax professional you do not have to give up that relationship by your Pierside enrollment.


  1. You acknowledge that the Pierside Service Program has a minimum annual fee of $10,000, payable on a quarterly basis. So it has to make economic sense for our clients to be in the Program. Your actual annual fee will be based on your personal financial situation, your net worth, income, and overall complexity. You will know the initial first-year cost before you have to sign an engagement agreement and you are not “locked in” to a long-term agreement, though we recommend you remain in the Program for a full-service year to understand the value we provide to our Pierside clients.


If, after reading the above summary and the other materials we have provided to you directly or via our website, you would like to learn more about Pierside, you can set up an initial no-cost, no-obligation call using the link we will provide to you.

If Pierside is not for you, we do encourage you to consider seeking out the services of another fee-only financial professional using the find a planner feature at or and get started on your financial journey with the help of an experienced and knowledgeable guide!