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Safe Harbor Financial Advisors exclusively offers fee only hourly or project fee financial planning services. Using a fee only financial advisor with this type of fee structure means that you pay for just the time your advisor works with you or for you, just like the as-needed, professional services provided by your doctor, dentist, attorney or CPA.  Clients have the flexibility to engage an advisor’s services on a one-time, periodic as-needed or ongoing basis. This flexibility extends to the services available to you and the fees for those services.

While we understand that posting our fees on our website poses a risk of “sticker shock” for prospective clients or the ability for other planners to compare their own lower cost or “free” plans to ours, we believe that full disclosure is important in allowing you to determine if Safe Harbor is the right firm for your needs. After reviewing our service offerings and other website features we invite you to call or email to arrange a no-cost, no-obligation "get acquainted" meeting with one of our fee only financial planners. We think you will appreciate our unique approach to helping you manage your own money.

Our service offerings and fee schedule can be seen by clicking on the links below:

Comprehensive Financial Plan

Topic Specific Engagements

Learn more about the services offered by Safe Harbor Financial Advisors at our FAQ page HERE.

Learn more about the financial planning process by clicking HERE.

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