Welcome Boucher Financial Planning Services Clients!

We know you are surprised not to be seeing Frank Boucher’s smiling face on his own website right now. So here he is on ours.

As you may know, Frank Boucher of Boucher Financial Planning Services (BFPS) has retired as of December 31, 2016. In addition to his own practice at BFPS, Frank has been associated with Safe Harbor at our main office in Occoquan for several years and we hope that he will continue to work with us periodically in the future.

Like BFPS, Safe Harbor is a member of the Garrett Planning Network of hourly, fee-only planners. We are true fiduciaries who always put the best interests of our clients first.

We encourage you to learn more about Safe Harbor by clicking here or going to our website, www.SafeHarbor.financial. Although our main office is in Historic Occoquan, and we encourage you to come down to see us, we are still using Frank’s executive suite in Reston for clients who prefer that location (and we have others elsewhere in Northern Virginia).


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