Retirement Readiness Counselors

Thinking of retiring soon? Ask yourself:

      Are you retiring from something?

      Or are you retiring to something?

      Either way, you need a plan of action!

And not just a financial plan, though financial independence is a critical element of retirement readiness.

Retirement Readiness Counselors (RRC) is a division within Safe Harbor Financial Advisors that offers specialized advice to our clients approaching or in retirement. RRC provides our clients a holistic look at the many issues relating to retirement readiness, looking beyond the financial aspects to the other features of a fulfilling retirement period. With people living longer past their primary working years it is not unusual to have a retirement period stretching on for decades. Are you ready for that? What does retirement look like to you?

Download our FREE Information Paper "How (NOT) to Fail at Retirement: 7 Essentials of Retirement Success" to learn about some of the pitfalls of retirement planning (or lack thereof) and some critical things you can do to help yourself succeed in retirement. Note that there are separate downloads depending on which Safe Harbor office you are closest to.

Virginia/National Capital Area



Rhode Island Area


Learn more about retirement readiness or, as we call it, your EPIC retirement, by watching this video:

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